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The UrsusPacificus Blog is a popular way to go. It has lots of information about Paul, and what he likes and doesn't like... and his many opinions about quite a few things.

Paul is a founding member of the 6-piece, one-man-band Dummyhead, and the band's historian. The band's main site is at dummyheadband.com, and Paul also maintains a blog of band news here.

Paul started himself a religion in November of 2008, called the Church of No, Thanks. Its website can be found at nothankschurch.com

Paul does a weekly comedy newscast called "NewsUndies: All the news that shouldn't be news". You can see it here: www.newsundies.com

Paul went on a trip in October, 2008, to celebrate his 40th birthday. He called the trip his "LifeCrest VisionQuest". Driving through 21 states, and visiting 11 major sites of interest in 7 states, Paul put 7500 miles on his car. This was Paul's "grand tour". There is a page outlining the original plan for the trip as well as blog posts from the road.

Paul has a bunch of videos on YouTube, including videos from his LifeCrest VisionQuest, and his NewsUndies series. Here's a link to Paul's YouTube Channel

There are hundreds upon hundreds of photos on Paul's online photo gallery, including over 700 from his LifeCrest VisionQuest.

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You can also find Paul on Facebook, if that's your thing.

You can email Paul at pault@ursuspacificus.net