Ray and Kirk have been at the absinthe again…

Crap in a hat!

Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron have released a video on YouTube, which spells out a plan to distribute copies of “On the Origin of Species” with 50 pages specially-crafted insert text, which will make the assertion that the Christian god made the species, and there’s no evidence to support evolution, and how Hitler and Darwin were pen-pals, and so on. They will then take these wonderful books to 50 college campuses and give them away free of charge. The plan is for 50,000 books to be distributed on November 19, 2009

Just in time for November 19, the UrsusPacificus KitschKave has spiffy sweatshirts (and other garments) to tell Kirk and Ray what you think of their book:

LousyBook Sweatshirt

All “Lousy Book” items are offered with no mark-up from the CafePress base price!

These can be found in the Atheism, et cetera… section of the KitschKave.

Part of what cheeses me off about this is that, for you to really get what they’re doing, you need to see the video.

Here it is:

So, they’re taking advantage of the fact that OTOoS is in the Public Domain, and, as such, can be freely modified, and republished.

I propose that the King James Bible is also in the Public Domain, and could use a good going-over… moo-hoo-hoo-ha-ha!

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